Enterprise Program Plan Application (EPPA)

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The Enterprise Program Plan Application (EPPA) is a tool that tracks the status of projects through a simple web-based interface.

Prescio Enterprise Program Plan Application (EPPA) is a web-based application that helps Enterprise Risk managers maintain and update projects information to represent the most up-to-date departmental status. Features ranging from creating projects to assigning users to updating multiple project statuses simultaneously can be managed from the dashboard with a click of a button.

EPPA is a highly customizable application that can be used to keep track of new and ongoing project updates, status notes for risks or gaps in meeting the completion dates, and mitigation plans to address those risks or gaps.

Key Features:

  • Dashboard
  • User Management
    • Create/Update/Delete Users
  • Project Management
    • Create/Update/Delete/Transfer Projects
    • Assign Projects
    • Mask/Unmask Projects
    • Create/Revoke Alerts
    • Update Status Notes, Risks or Gaps, Mitigation Plans, etc.
    • Report Generation
    • Copy/Export/Print/Email Reports
  • Document Management
  • Gantt Chart
  • Calendar utility for Projects by Due Date