Comprehensive research study on the feasibility of call centers for Asian conglomerate

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A large Asian conglomerate wanted to enter the call center market in Asia. They requested that Prescio Consulting develop an overall design of a call center and a blueprint for its implementation.

Prescio Consulting initiated a comprehensive research on the feasibility of call centers in the specific Asian company’s country to serve the global marketplace. The effort resulted in a significantly positive outlook for the conglomerate to invest in a stand-alone, web-enabled, inbound outsourcing call center for the Asian and North American retail and commercial customers of global corporations. Outsourcing was the largest segment of the worldwide call center services market and was projected to grow to $42 billion in 2003. It was determined that a growing number of corporations were outsourcing their call center services to call centers in Asian countries. The specific country of interest to the conglomerate was identified as one of these countries.

Additional efforts were directed towards developing the call center architecture and implementation strategy for inbound call center services through telephone, web-enabled call back, net phone, and net video.