Asset Data Mart (ADM) for U.S. Based Hedge Fund

  • Data Mart
  • Data Administration

Prescio built a data mart for a U.S. based hedge fund that organized their residential real estate holdings information and facilitate the financial analysis of their investments.

For this project, we developed a data mart on Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2012 as a backend database. CA Erwin Data Modeler was then used to create a data model and data dictionary while Informatica 9.6 was employed to extract data from various sources, perform transformation and load data to the destination database.

This data driven project succeeded at segregating personal information, static and dynamic loan variables, calculating required values, and updating the frequency of different loan attributes. In addition to the residential information, the final data mart was designed to calculate net present values, forecast present and future internal rate of returns and current and future money multipliers.