Risk management is a concept used in many disciplines. Professionals from finance, economics, hospitality, social science, biology, engineering, and medicine use the term ‘risk management'. These professionals all use the term in somewhat different manners, but there is a common core. Risk management is a way of understanding the likely nature of future adversity and preparing for it.


Prescio is committed to providing quality and efficient services for our clients. Our business model revolves around collaboration with our clients to understand their business model so that we can best serve their business needs. With business models changing frequently in a dynamic business environment, our consultants and our professional IT team can help our clients optimize their business structure.


Our creative design team offers a fine hybrid of artistic expression and stylish imagery to support your individual needs. From a simple template to an extensive flash animation our team will provide you a concept and design that best suites your image. We can also provide you regular maintenance and updates for your web site.

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Utilities, financial institutions and banks are constantly upgrading their business processes to enhance their competitive advantages, synchronize to market changes, and adjust to meet regulatory requirements. With the proposed Basel II accord, the changes and upgrades to financial and banking


Bitcoin is a digital currency created by an ever growing network of computers solving cryptography problems. It was first proposed and mathematically proven by Satoshi Nakamoto who remains anonymous to this day.

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